Wine & Liqueurs

Wine & Liqueurs

The essence of Italy

As every Italian knows, fine food deserves fine wines and liqueurs. We have scoured Italy from top to toe to bring you only the best and most authentic flavours to complement your fine Italian dining.

Our outstanding selection brings you the finest tastes and aromas of home. You will be instantly transported to lemon groves nestled on the Amalfi coast or the vineyards of Veneto.

A great red wine is the mainstay of any Italian meal, so we have carefully selected a range to appeal to everyone.

Strong and fruity red wines from the Southern slopes include the Don Mannarone Rosso, Mannara Syrah and Tascad’AlmeritaRegaleali Nero d’Avola, while from Piedmont we bring you GiribaldiNebbiolo - all ideal accompaniments for your favourite pasta and meat dishes.

You might want to save the rich, deep Brunello Biondi Santi for a special occasion, but to be honest, most people find this taste of Tuscany too hard to resist. Or, for the fragrance of Verona, try the opulent Alpha Zeta Valpolicella, the lively AllegriniValpolicella, or treat yourself to a classic AllegriniAmarone, as you dream of Lake Garda.

Also from the historic Veneto region, the crisp and refreshing Torresella Pinot Grigio Blush and the delicate freshness of our Alpha Zeta Soave will delight your palate and conjure visions of mountains and gondolas!

From Sicily, NormannoZibibbo is just waiting to create a taste experience alongside your favourite fruits of the sea. Or just sit back and relax with a fruity but delicate glass of Borgo Selene Bianco and dream of azure seas and rocky coastlines.

No Italian meal will be complete without the proper ‘digestivo’ liqueur.   Picture the narrow streets of Sorrento as you sip our Staibano Limoncello or try the nutty taste of the Frangelico Liqueur.

For the finishing touch we bring you the best from Valdobbiadene, home to the finest quality prosecco in the foothills of the Apennine Mountains.

Our selection comes from the surprisingly high-tech but authentic Bellussi vineyard. For any occasion the elegant and delicate Extra Dry Prosecco Denominazione di OrigineControllata e Garantita (DOCG) is an ideal accompaniment. Or enjoy the Prosecco Brut to accompany a light lunch with friends or the Gran Cuvee with an intimate dinner.


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