Linguine Nero With Prawns

VALENTINA RESTAURANTS Where Italians Eat and Shop

Appassionato about food. Appassionato about service.

VALENTINA can boast more than 'just' authentic and freshly cooked Italian cuisine from accomplished chefs. Much more. Visit one of our friendly restaurants in London or Surrey and you’ll soon discover what we mean, in premises that has a contemporary feel to it, whilst simultaneously retaining an authentic traditional atmosphere. As well as enjoying delicious and award-winning VALENTINA specialty fine foods and wine, take pleasure in being warmly welcomed, fussed over, made to feel special...

As close as it gets to actually dining in Italy

For the dedicated VALENTINA team it's about more than tantalising diners’ taste-buds and satisfying their stomachs; it's also about offering a 'total Italian restaurant experience', where you and your family - the diners - are always at the centre of things. Reserve a table with us (or simply just turn up) and look forward to great food coupled with great service from beginning to end, without compromise, without shortcuts or a "that'll do" attitude ever being adopted.
A visit to one our hugely popular VALENTINA restaurants is, in fact, like a visit to Italy itself. That makes it a fabulous treat for first-time diners looking to please their palates during the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening. And for regular visitors, who quickly become friends of the management and staff rather than 'customers' as such, eating regularly at VALENTINA inevitably becomes a routine pleasure, an essential part of their week.

Which VALENTINA is local to you?

With several premises across London and Surrey, VALENTINA has made it easy for you to find somewhere lovely to go for a date night (Italian style!), a family meal, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or other type of special occasion. At your local VALENTINA restaurant a warm welcome will always await you and service will be prompt but without you ever feeling hurried. As well as being extremely knowledgeable in all things Italian, our kitchen and waiting staff can easily cope with scores of covers, 'morning, noon and night', and at some of our venues, as well as bar areas and lounges, there are alfresco and upstairs terrace tables available.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our restaurants soon!